Hello! My name is Melissa and I have been the proud owner of my very own cafe since 2001. In the beginning, it was just me and the dream I’d held on to since freshman year of college: opening a cafe that not only serves high-quality, fair trade coffee, but one that is also a place with a great atmosphere where coffee fans can hang out, socialize and truly enjoy a nice cup of coffee. When I first started, my little brother (who was still in college at the time) was my only employee. I trained him as a barista and I did everything else myself, like sourcing and grinding the beans, and all of the marketing and business end of stuff that took me the away from the coffee making itself. But it paid off. Our humble cafe grew, we moved to a better location and hired more employees.

Now, sixteen years later, I have the freedom to truly enjoy coffee once again. As you’ve probably already gathered, coffee is my passion. It started with the first sip of coffee my mom let me have when I was seven years old, and I’ve never looked back. By age fourteen, I was a full-on coffee devotee. I’m obsessed with all things coffee-related and I love to share what I know and learn from others in the process.

I love everything about coffee: That unique aroma that first hits your nostrils when beans are freshly ground, the way it smells while brewing, the jolt of energy it gives you in the morning, and the comfort it brings on a cold, long day when you just want to curl up and relax.

More than anything, I love the community and sharing what I know with others. I love to write about all things coffee, whether it’s the art of espresso making or the finer points of cappuccinos or the difference between lungo and normale or rhapsodizing about my love of ristretto. For the reasons mentioned above, I decided to create Heavy Mornings. My years of experience gave me enough knowledge to write about the best coffee makers, the best espresso machines, the best cappuccino machines and tons of tips which could help you make better coffee. For me, coffee truly is a life-long passion.